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-  How does laser tattoo removal work?
Using short bursts of high-intensity light, the Alex Trivantage laser safely and effectively targets only the tattoo pigment (the ink) without affecting the surrounding skin.  After the ink is broken up, the body's own circulation gradually removes it.

-  Will my tattoo really be gone?  
Different colors of tattoo ink require different wavelengths of laser light in order to be removed.  Our laser operates at all wavelengths necessary to remove all colors.  We can even remove a tattoo that another practitioner has worked on with less than satisfactory results.  However, there will be a rare tattoo that is resistant to total removal.

-  Will laser tattoo removal hurt?
Of course, your pain tolerance is unique to you, and you are probably already familiar with how you handle minor discomfort.  Our laser uses a pulse rate that is gentler on your skin than standard lasers.  Immediately after treatment, a cold compress is applied.  Your overall experience will certainly be less painful than the tattooing was.

-  How long does laser tattoo removal take?
Depending on the size of your tattoo, treatment times can vary from 10 minutes to 40 minutes.  Treatments are repeated every 6 weeks to allow your body time to naturally remove the ink.  Laser tattoo removal can take a long time, but the outcome is worth it.    

-  How many treatments will I need?  
Your tattoo is not like anyone else's.  Location, skin type and layer, colors and amounts of ink, presence of scarring, and even the age of the tattoo can all affect the number of treatments needed.  Some tattoos are more challenging to remove than others.  During your free consult, we will explain the process, answer all your questions, analyze your tattoo and provide you with a personalized treatment plan.  Our goal is to remove your tattoo safely, in the fewest number of visits.   The average for a professional tattoo is 10 treatments; for amateur tattoos, 6.   

-  Will I end up with a scar?
Scarring happens in only 5% of patients.  Our laser does not employ excessive heat, and so protects you from scarring.  Some patients get a blister, which should not be popped or a scar could result.  If a blister does occur, apply Bacitracin ointment and keep it covered.    

-  Can you do age spots and freckles?
Our Alex Trivantage Laser treats age spots, freckles, and other minor skin pigmentations.
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